Affordable Convenient Ballroom Dance Lessons

Welcome to the wonderful world of Ballroom dancing right here in Atlanta where everyone can be a star. Ballroom dancing is a sport/hobby that has been enjoyed around the world for many years. Its also been one of the best kept secrets till the introduction of the "Dancing With The Stars".

  Couples can finally enjoy quality time in a clean healthy environment while learning a hobby which will bring much enjoyment for the rest of their lives. Singles can also take advantage of this hobby to make new friends and form dance partnerships that can last a life time. 

There are many benefits to Ballroom dancing such as health,relaxation,social life and confidence. However nothing beats the feel
being transported to a different time and place dancing to some of the best music ever written.

learning to Ballroom dance is fun quick and easy, wherever you are looking for social Ballroom dancing instructions or competitive style of dance training you will be carefully guided every step of the way by a Ballroom professional with over twenty years of coaching experience.

Lessons provided by Shah Bassery, a former professional competitor and a certified Ballroom instructor. Shah has been a member of National dance Council of America since 1986 and coaches singles and couples Both in Atlanta and Rome Georgia.
For north Georgia please visit 

Wedding dance instructions: Learning to dance is like anything ells, it requires an experienced professional to coach you every step of the way.
Shah has been helping couples prepare for their first dance as husband and wife for over twenty years and can save you a lot of precious time.
You will feel comfortable, at ease and leave with confidence, last thing you need specially for the groom is the stress of your wedding dance.






We appreciate your interest in Ballroom dancing, for further information regarding private, group and wedding dance instructions e-mail with any questions you may have.

Availability is limited so please plan ahead to ensure a convenient time to attend dance lessons.
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Limited one time special: Two couples share one private lesson $70.00

OK so you need to learn the Salsa or the Waltz for an upcoming event, don't sweat it learning to dance is fun, quick and easy. Don't have a partner, No problem a dance partner is not required.

What types of lessons are provided: Both private and group Ballroom dance lessons however if you need group dance instructions its always best to arrange your own group and the dance or dances of your choice. 

Minimum participant for a group lesson is ten students, Further info.
How long does it take to learn to dance? Its a bit different for everyone, like ridding a bicycle. The average time to feel comfortable with a few steps in a few dances is about four private dance sessions.

Where can i go to practice my new moves? There are many wonderful open to the public Ballroom dances right here in Atlanta, you will be guided when you feel the time is right